Wednesday, November 27, 2013

We have our food processor!

I discovered that most raw food recipes require a quality food processor. So, I did some research and found this one - I ordered it from Amazon as I couldn't find it at any of my local stores.

Now we can move forward with making healthy yummy meals, snacks, and more!

Casey will be doing a video tonight to catch everyone up on his status. He has been having a little trouble with getting started. But, hey if weightloss was easy, this blog wouldn't even make sense and no one would need help losing weight.

Isn't that the point of this whole blog, to help Casey to stay on path and to also share with others that they are not alone in the struggles in weightloss and also keeping it off. I swear I see so many shows and blogs where people just lose weight and make it seem like it wasn't so hard. When you follow them they just drop off the pounds with a smile on their face telling you it feels so good and you can do it too. But, that just isn't the case usually and so people just give up feeling it's hopeless for them.

I, myself, am not dealing with weightloss - Casey is. But, I watch his struggles and I struggle with him. In a way, it's hard for me too. I have to watch him struggle, I have no control over him and his choices; I go into the fridge to discover he's eating my food I saved for later and there's no way to undo/uneat that - there's no way to even be mad at him as it does no good. Honestly, yelling or nagging just makes him eat more, praise or encouragement makes him eat more too. It seems so pointless at times from my end; however, I don't believe that one should give up as long as they are still breathing.

This is where we learned it's not that he eats, it's what he eats! Quantity is also not the problem - quality is! This again is where we are learning to change what we put on the table, find foods that he can eat a second helping of and not put on pounds. First, he needs to reset his body and that's why he is juicing. After 90 days he will be able to start mixing in solids. He will share more on this tonight. I will edit and upload the video tomorrow.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Rosauers/Huckleberry's Supermarket Shopping

Casey takes us to Rosauers where he shows us a little about Rosauers and takes us with him to shop. He needs to pick up 3 days worth of jucing foods. Why Rosauers? Learn more....
Casey sharing his shopping trip at Rosauers for his juicing and salads. He will be doing another video later going over more about the store.
He's still getting used to being in front of the camera. Thank you everyone for helping support Casey in his weightloss journey!

Please excuse the video quality. We apparently had some issues.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

GREAT "REAL FOOD" SOURCES (Money Saving Sources for Local & Organic)

Boise Area Budget Food Sources

This list is an ongoing project so please feel free to add your suggestions below and I will make continuous updates. The requirements to be considered for this list are;

-Locally produced products (within 150 miles)
-Sales are open to the general public (not subscription based)
-Care is taken towards organics or sustainability and gmo-free aspects
-Has either a regular delivery route to Boise, or regular pickup is available within an hours drive from downtown.

Sources in the list must be regularly available and for the budget minded. Farms only selling through CSA's, Farmers Markets, or only through 3rd party retail stores only (or not directly to consumer) will not be on this list, but can be found on the Farm and CSA documents found here...


-Idahos Bounty

-Direct Local Food

-The Works CoOp (Used to be called Rutabegas)

-Azure Standard

-Direct Fresh Produce

-Brown Box Organics

-Windy Hill Farms CoOp
10716 Lake Shore Dr, Nampa

-Future Real Food CoOp in Nampa

-Pure Food CoOp in Nampa (raw, pasture fed dairy)

-Healthy By Nature CoOp

-Treasure Valley Food CoOp in Emmett?
I heard there is a buying group in the Emmett area of about 30 people but couldn't find them online. Please comment below if you know of the info!


-Green Smoothie Girl Annual Group Buy
Almonds, and other healthy foods. Takes place in October every year.


-High Country Produce
Victory & 5-Mile, Boise
Year round produce stand that tries to carry some organics.

-Cliffs Market
217 Blaine Street, Caldwell
They have a wonderful gluten free bakery and have gone GMO free!!!

-Down to Earth Health Foods
9846 W State St, Star

316 W State St, Eagle

-Boise CoOp
888 West Fort Street, Boise

-Porter House Market
600 South Rivershore Lane, Eagle
Good source for local lamb, grass fed beef, pork, buffalo, free range chicken, and local cheeses.

-Northend Organic Nursery 2350 Hill Road, Boise
Source for free range local eggs, grass fed beef orders, and weekly farm vendors (seasonal).


-(Please see other BRFC Facebook Document for CSA's)

-Farm and Garden Produce (Fruit & Veg Stand that is very supportive of farmers local AND sustainable)
1615 N 13th St, Boise

-Commonwealth Seed Library (Plant your own beautiful food)

-Plaza Farm Store - apricots, blackberries, blueberries, cherries, cucumbers, eggplant, melons, raspberries, summer squash, tomatoes, other vegetables, prepicked produce, picnic area. 2850 N Plaza Road, Emmett, ID 83617.

-Watsons Sunnyslope Farm - Wide variety of seasonal, locally grown fruits and vegetables, Covered outdoor market, Baked goods, Preserves, jams, jellies, restrooms, face painting, petting zoo, farm animals, school tours13243 Sunnyslope Rd 1 mile north of Marsing Idaho on Highway 55, Caldwell, ID 83607. Phone: 208-965-1051.


-Kelso Farms Natural Meats
5802 Beacon Light Eagle, ID
Direct source for beef, chicken, goat, pork, turkey, rabbit, lamb, duck, guinea, goose, as well as seasonal vegetables. All packaged meats are fresh-frozen and vaccum sealed, hormone free and USDA certified (beef is grass fed) and we also offer free delivery on orders $100 or more within a 25 mile radius.

-Pure Food CoOp in Nampa (raw, pasture fed dairy)

-Goshen Farm
Kuna Rd/cloverdale Area, Kuna, ID
Kosher, Unpasteurized Goat Milk, Eggs (free range, vegetarian fed), Brown eggs, 83634. Phone: 208-869-5627.

-The Red Cow, 24/7 Free Range Fresh Egg Stand
$3.00/dozen, on Airport Road, just east of Robinson Road, Nampa, ID.

Organically grown turkeys, chickens, and other birds.
Josiah, 208-994-9581


-Anderson Apple Ranch
1877 West South Slope Road, Emmett, ID 83617. Phone: 208-695-9741.
Birthday parties, Filming or photo shoots, School and educational groups, Daycare and preschool groups, Apple Orchard, Free Onsite Lot parking lot, children welcome, porta-potties, school tours

-Blue Sky Farm
4525 Cassia Rd, New Plymouth, ID 83655. Phone: (208)866-5679. - blackberries, raspberries (Spring, red) No website found.

-Cabalo's Orchards & Gardens
2087 W King Rd, Kuna, ID 83634. Phone: 208-922-3301 - Uses natural growing practices, apples, blackberries, pumpkins, U-pick and already picked.

-Caldwell Idaho Orchard
19491 Apricot Lane, Caldwell, ID 83607: Phone 208-649-5212 Cherries, peaches, apricots, apples, plums and alfalfa.

-July Blueberries, LLC
2190 W Burns St, Eagle, ID 83616. Phone: 208-939-7678. - No pesticides are used, blueberries,

-Linder Farms - Pumpkin patch.7165 S. Linder Road, Meridian, ID 83642. Phone: (208) 371-0222.

-Montierth Home Orchard And Garden
7175 N Springcrest Place, Meridian, ID 83646. Phone: (208)888-3081 - apples, pumpkins,

-Spyglass Gardens - 3445 S. Linder Road, Meridian, ID 83642
Pumpkin patch.

-Northbound Farm
19847 Apricot Road, Caldwell, ID 83607. Phone: 459-4590. - Minimizes chemical and pesticide use, apricots, cherries, nectarines, peaches, plums, restrooms, school tours

-Tyler's Rocky Point Orchard
S. Johns Avenue, Emmett, ID 83641 Phone: 208-365-6160
Apples, plums, fresh apple cider.

-Cherry Stone -
1411 W. South Slope Road, Emmett, ID 83617. - Cherries

-Elliott's Orchard: How 'Bout Them Apples!
1113 W. South Slope Road, Emmett, ID 83617. Phone: 208-398-8448.
- Minimizes chemical and pesticide use, apples, porta-potties, picnic area, events at your location (call for info)

-Plaza Farm Store -
2850 N Plaza Road, Emmett, ID 83617.
Apricots, blackberries, blueberries, cherries, cucumbers, eggplant, melons, raspberries, summer squash, tomatoes, other vegetables, prepicked produce, picnic area

-Richardson Farm -
4000 Bishop Road, Emmett, ID 83617. Phone: 365-4262.
Uses sustainable, integrated pest management growing practices, cucumbers, herbs/spices, peas, strawberries, tomatoes, Fresh eggs, U-pick and already picked, porta-potties

-Suyehira Farm -
777 E South Slope Road, Emmett, ID 83617. Phone: 208-365-4080.
Blueberries, Turkeys (organic, not-hormone-fed), and prepicked produce, farm animals

-Tyler's Rocky Point Orchard -
145 E. South Slope Road, Emmett, ID 83617. Blueberries, cherries, apricots, peaches, plums, tomatoes, squash, pumpkins, apples (Red and Golden Delicious).

-Wee King's Orchard
2955 West South Slope Road, Emmett, ID 83617. Phone: 208-398-8047. Apples, apricots, cherries, nectarines, peaches, plums, U-pick and already picked, restrooms, picnic area, birthday parties, weddings and wedding parties

-Raspberry Patch
2132 Maple Ct, Fruitland, ID 83619. Phone: 208-407-1340. Alternate Phone: 208-407-1237 - Raspberries (red), organic.

-Falling Fruit
Free foraging sites on public access areas in your neighborhood!


-Earthly Delights (208) 284-3712

-Healing Gardens 345-8338,

-Flutterby Gardens (208) 571-2170,


-Boise CoOp Pet Store
888 West Fort Street, Boise

-Mathews Grain & Feed
135 E Commercial St, Weiser (208) 414-1266

-Idahos Bounty
Chicken feed comes from a farm in Montana.

-Azure Standard

If you live outside of the Treasure Valley, why not ask a group you are in or join one to build a list of your own?! I bet you too will be surprised at the options around you. :)

This list is (copy and paste) courtesy of Ryan Carson via Boise "Real Food" Connection facebook group. They are a wonderful resource group, please take a moment to join.

Image courtesy of Rawich/


(This is a work in progress so please let me know if any of these farms are no longer offering CSAs or if I missed any that should be on the list) To View the Interactive Map of this Directory follow this link...


Boise / Garden City / Hidden Springs

-Earthly Delights 2609 Arthur St, Boise (Bicycle delivery available)

-City Gardens- 3878 N Adams, Garden City

-Peaceful Belly- 5200 Castle Dr, Boise, or East end of Warm Springs, or the farm off of hill Rd.

-Global Gardens- 30th & Jordan St. Delivery to group drop points available

-Create Common Good- 1609 N 13th St (Hyde Park)

-Hidden Springs Community Farm- Hidden Springs Community Barn 4768 West Farm Court (Managed by Peaceful Belly)

-Nature’s Table Farms -8th Street and Fort Boise

-Evenstar Farm - 2350 Hill Road (Northend Organic Nursery

-Field Good Farm -2310 Annett St., Boise

-Morning Owl Farm -7020 Pet Haven Lane, Boise (Delivery also available)

-Urban Green Harvest -3025 Dalton Boise, ID 83704

-Draggin' Wing Farm (Flower CSA) - Stinger Drive, Boise, ID 83703

-Sunnyslope Poultry Farms (Chicken & Turkey CSA) - Delivered via Idaho's Bounty -

-Nature’s Table Farms 2808 E State Street, Eagle (Parking lot of Home Depot & Big O Tire)
-Evenstar Farm 3439 Shadow Hills Dr. Eagle
-Eagle Organic Farms - Eagle
-Pleasant View Farms-1164 E. Beacon Light Rd. Eagle
-Idaho Raw Milk -: 1164 E. Beacon Light Rd Eagle (Delivery available)

-Spyglass Gardens- Spyglass Gardens (Delivery also available)
-Saint Johns Organics - Pickup Site at -2965 West Amity Road, Meridian, ID 83642 (Greenfield Custom Meats)

-The Jenkens Clan -1205 W. Flamingo Ave. Nampa, ID 83651 (Delivery also available)
-Cabalo's Orchard & Gardens - Nampa’s Farmers Market

-Cabalo's Orchard & Gardens -2087 W. King Rd. Kuna & at the Kuna Farmer’s Market
-Vogel Farms -2087 West King Road Kuna , ID 83634, 9501 Robinson Rd Kuna, ID 83634

Earthly Delights Farm (May-October)

Our 18-week season takes our eaters through the first greens and sugar snap peas of spring to the last tomatoes and winter squashes of autumn. A share contains an average of 10-15 items a week, including seasonal vegetables, herbs, and fruits, and is available for pick up at the farm or delivery by bicycle. CSA members receive our popular weekly newsletter, full of cooking tips, recipes, socio-politial rants, botanical trivia, farm happenings, and more. CSA members also receive discounts on farm workshops and classes. Please check out our website for a Q&A about the CSA!

Contact Information:
Casey/Lori O'Leary/Bevan

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:
Members pick up their shares at the farm, or have them delivered by bicycle
2609 Arthur St Boise, ID 83703

City Gardens (May-October)

The season is divided into two 8 Week Subscriptions: the Spring and Fall. The SPRING subscription begin in May. The FALL subscription begins in July. You are invited and encouraged to participate in both.
A Subscription costs $225. You will receive 8 to 10 different kinds of fresh, locally grown veggies each week. Space is Limited. A Deposit of $50 gets you on the list. Downtown Bike Delivery is an extra $50.

Contact Information:
marty camberlango (208)713-1675

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:
3878 N. Adams
Garden City, ID 83714

Peaceful Belly (May-September)

We offer an 18 week produce and fruit CSA. Free range chicken and eggs are also available for purchase at the pick up points.

Contact Information:
Clay & Josie Erskine

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:
-North End Boise
5200 Castle Dr Boise, ID 83703
-The East end off of Warm Springs
-The Farm on Hill Rd. _____________________________________________________________________________

Global Gardens Farm (year round)

You will get a beautiful GlobalGardens locally made produce bag as part of your CSA subscription. Each week our members get one of these bags full of produce, usually 6-10 different vegetables. You’ll also get a copy of our original Global Gardens Cookbook to help you keep it interesting and learn to cook new kinds of veggies.

The CSA is made up of a cooperative of refugee growers, and will include food from several different refugee farms, including the Somali Bantu Community Farm, the African Community Development Farm, and several individual refugees who are starting up their own farm businesses. The Tuesday pickup will be mainly supplied by the Somali Bantu Community Farm, and the Thursday pickup will be supplied by the individual farmers.

Also, by joining Global Gardens CSA, you are directly supporting a refugee family, and/or a refugee community organization that supports refugees by providing various services including educational and cultural opportunities. You are enabling refugees to develop entrepreneurial skills that are transferable to many jobs, to improve their English, and to spend quality time with their families and communities while growing and eating nutritious local produce. What a good choice!
The CSA costs $415 for an 18-week season. This includes 18 weeks of veggies at about $21/week, plus 6% sales tax and the cost of market bags. Online orders are $425 because of the high cost of bank fees.

Usually CSA customers pay up front, prior to the growing season so that farmers can use these funds to purchase seeds, tools, compost, and other necessities. We do need most of our customers to do this. We plan on selling up to 50 shares and will be accepting members on a first-come, first- served basis. Global Gardens now accepts Food Stamps!

Contact Information:
Katie Painter Idaho Office for Refugees (208) 336-4222

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:
30th & Jordan St. Delivery to group drop points also can be made available, Call for info.

Create Common Good

1/2 share is 10 weeks of produce, 1 share is weekly produce all season (typically May - early November)
We employ refugees through our farm operations, providing valuable work experience for long-term self sufficiency.
Our farm training and paid work opportunities provide a “soft landing” where they learn about workplace expectations, readying them for success in future work. At the same time, CCG supports the community-based, sustainable agricultural model that is re-defining food in America. In doing so, we provide an opportunity for natural and educational community interactions. Our first and most visible farm is located just east of Boise and is known to most as “Common Ground.”
Our CSA shareholders take home locally-grown organic vegetables each week and our trainees bring home the skills they need to thrive. What will you grow?

Contact Information:
Tyler 208.991.3799

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:
-Dunia Marketplace – 1609 N 13th st (Hyde Park) Boise
-At the Farm Location -4750 S. Surprise Way Boise, ID 83716 -Delivery to the following locations (For full share only - charge is $150 for the season.) SE Boise - Surprise Valley, Columbia Village, Harris Ranch, Mill District, Barber Park, Oakmont, Woodduck, Spring Meadows, River Run, Pier Point, East End + along Warm Springs + Downtown + North end / close in to 28th Street.


Draggin' Wing Farms

Flowers are our passion! Every spring our farm evolves from a quiet winter scene into a wild wonderland of color and beauty. Pink, purple, red, orange, plus butterflies and birds! We grow as wide a selection of flowers as we can, adding more fun varieties each year. We grow a mix of perrenials and annuals, flowers, ornamental grasses, and foliage.
Our customers are committed to eating sustainably grown food from local farms, and are excited to be able to put a beautiful bouquet on the table that embodies those same qualities.
Our flowers are seasonally available either through our Flower Club subscription program, or custom arranged for weddings and events. Check back for availability through farmer’s markets and retail outlets as the time gets closer!

Contact Information:
Carrie Jones

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:
Singer Sr Boise, ID 83703

Morning Owl Farm (year round)

Our Next Level subscriber service brings you so much good food for so little you won't believe it. Current members tell us that while they orignially considered The Next Level CSA as an add-on to their food budget, becoming a Next Level member has actually reduced their year-round food costs For less than $50 a week get fresh veggies, pasture-raised and grass-fed beef, pork, turkey and chicken, whole wheat flour, pizza crusts, Quack Quiche, eggs, dried beans, potatoes, onions and local fruit! Don't delay, join today. The next Next Level starts November 19, 2010!

Contact Information:
Mary Rohlfing
Phone: 208-850-6798

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:
At the farm or at your door! Read our website today to learn more. (Tue Wed Thu) Varies depending on which CSA/subscription members buy. Address: 7020 Pet Haven Lane Boise, ID 83716


Hidden Springs Community Farm, Inc. (May-November)

The Community Farm in Hidden Springs in now maintained by the friendly folks over at Peaceful Belly.

Contact Information:
Clay & Josie Erskine

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:
Hidden Springs Community Barn - Members pick up their produce, herbs and flowers at the Hidden Springs (red) Community Barn.


Nature's Table Farm (June-October)

Every week throughout the 20-18 week season, we pack shares of the harvest for distribution to our members. All shares include a wide variety and an abundant amount of vegetables, ranging from greens, herbs and onions in the spring to tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, beets, chard, sweet corn, and a quality selection of melons, etc.. during the summer and fall. Fall harvest includes storage vegetables (potatoes, onions and winter squash). The produce you receive is picked within 24 hours of delivery. We are busy planning our planting schedule and have plants in the ground and seedlings growing in our greenhouses. Our memberships are filling up fast for 2012. Pick up locations will be determined for your convenience. If you would like to become a member call us or just email us your Name, Number, and then send a check or money order to P.O. Box 411 Horseshoe Bend, ID 83629. Thank you for your consideration and for supporting our local/beyond organic farm.

Contact Information:
Katrina Pavlovich
(208) 781-0034

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:

BOISE AREA (Mon) From 6PM until 7PM in front of St. Joseph School on Fort & 8th Street by the Boise Co-op Address: 8th Street and Fort Boise, ID 87602
From 5:30PM until 6:00PM In parking lot by Big O' Tire/Home Depot on State Street Address: 2808 E State Street Eagle, ID 83616
SWEET, ID (Members may also pick up their shares at our farm.) Nature's Table Farm -10100 Shelley Ave. 83670

Evenstar Farm (May-October)

Here is a general description of how things went last year. Each year is a bit different, depending on the weather and what new thing we decide to try growing. The season starts either last of May for first of June, with an abundance of greens such as arugula, lettuce, spinach, chard, parsley, mizuna, sorrel, and kale. Also at that time we usually have yummy Hakurei turnips, radishes, baby beets, pea shoots, and bok choy or related items. As the season progresses we move on to peas, scallions, broccoli, garlic scapes, beets, baby carrots, and cherries.
Then it's on to basil, cauliflower, cabbage, baby potatoes, collard greens, carrots, and garlic. When summer gets into full swing in July, we add to these zucchini, yellow summer squash, cucumbers, dill, onions, plums, and apricots. Harvest season really gets going in August, and here we add more hot crops, such as tomatillos, cherry tomatoes, shallots, perhaps some melons, sweet corn, and peppers. Seasonal weather depending, we can add large tomatoes here too, and start digging out some larger potatoes. Toward the end we get the sweet peppers to ripen, as well as more melons (including watermelon!), peaches, and winter squash.

Contact Information:
Kristin & Isaac Hasselblad
208-333-9637, 208-389-4769
Pick Up/Drop Off Points:

EAGLE Evenstar Farm (Thu)
Address: 3439 Shadow Hills Dr. Eagle, ID 83616
5-6 p.m. at Evenstar Farm in Eagle The time on this one is a little more flexible, so please let us know what works for you here. This is usually a more casual, laid-back pick-up point since you get to see our farm, your kids can stay and play a while, and last year anyway, sometimes these folks got a little more, or interesting, produce for the week because it was a much a smaller group of folks.

BOISE North End Organic Nursery (Tue) 2350 Hill Road Boise, ID 83702
4-6:30 p.m. This coincides with their weekly farmer's market, where we sell a little extra produce, and you'll have the opportunity to pick up some extra things we don't have from other vendors, or some organic products to you use in your own yard at home.


Spyglass Gardens (June-October)

We are currently taking applications and deposits for our 2012 season..! At this time we have 28 shares left for 2012-Contact us via our email or call us 208-571-4238
The following information does describe our program. Each Share is filled with fresh picks and complimentary recipes for you to enjoy with your family and friends. 2 shares of Honey with each Membership is included! Save up your shares and spend them towards your canning needs is no problem at Spyglass Gardens. We want you to be happy and satisfied with your selections. We accept checks or cash no cards please.
Contact Information:

Steve or Wendy Smith

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:
Spyglass Gardens - Tues, Wed, Thurs evenings and We do offer a delivery service as well. Delivery fee is $25 for the season-please call for details
Address: 3445 South Linder Road Meridian, ID 83642

Saint John's Organic Farm

Offering local 100% Organic grass fed beef and milk shares.
Contact Information:


Pick Up/Drop Off Points:
2965 West Amity Road, Meridian (Greenfield Custom Meat)
-Pick up is availabe at the farm, 2222 South Johns Ave, Emmett, ID 83617


Field Goods Farm (May-September)

Field Goods Farm is a n 18 week CSA dedicated to growing high quality vegetables, herbs and fruit while improving the soil and environmental conditions of the farm. Healthy, feel good food and soil are important goals that are met through cover cropping, local composted manure and field compost. No synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides are used on crops. Crops are watered by drip irrigation and organic seeds are selected when possible. Each week members will receive 10-15 items along with a newsletter with recipes and other food tidbits. Field Goods Seed Garlic will be available to purchase this year as well.

Contact Information:
Lori Bevan

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:
Field Goods Farm -Members pick up their shares at the farm located at 2310 Annett St., Boise. 83705 Pick up will be Monday or Tuesday from 4-6 pm. Delivery will be on Thursdays and costs $4/week


Eagle Organic Farms (January-January)

Contact Information:
Jill Kohler

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:
Boise Food Connection
Address: Eagle Organic Farm Eagle, ID 83616

Pleasant View Farms (January-January)

Contact Information:
Corey Blaine

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:
Pleasant View Ranch -Address: 1164 E. Beacon Light Rd. Eagle, ID 83616

Idaho Raw Milk (January-January)

How Does it Work on our Farm? You pick the number of gallons you would like and for how many weeks. Choose a day you would like to pick up your milk each week.
The morning of your scheduled pick-up we will fill your milk jar, and put it in the CSA refrigerator at the farm. You will need to purchase 1 gallon jars. This is a one-time purchase. We have new jars available.
For example: if you purchase 2 gallons of milk a week, you will need a total of 4 jars. Two jars to take home filled with milk, and two (which you wash and clean) to drop off to be filled the morning of your next weeks scheduled pick up.
Pleasant View Farms can supply you with new glass 1 gallon jars and lids. They can be purchased for $3.50. Once you purchase jars, please label the lid with a permanent marker. We also have new 1/2 gallon jars for easy convenience at home for $2.50. Its easy to fill your 1/2 gallon jars at home to make pouring easier.
The first time you purchase milk, we like you to come out see the farm and meet our cows. We will show you around, where the milk fridge is and how the process works. Then each week on your scheduled day you pick up your filled gallons of milk inside the fridge at your convenience, and drop off your clean jars to be filled up the next week. We look forward to meeting you!

Contact Information:
Idaho Raw Milk

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:
Idaho Raw Milk -Address: 1164 E. Beacon Light Rd Eagle, ID 83616

Cabalo's Orchard & Gardens (May-October)

Purchase a market basket share card and you'll receive a 15% discount on any product grown by Cabalo's Orchard. All produce you pick up will be paid in full until your account is fully used. Additional Cards may be purchased as needed. You'll be able to shop at our Farm Stand or at either of our Farmers Market locations. We offer local grown, pesticide free, fruits and vegetables. We also offer all natural, free range turkeys and geese. (these must be pre-ordered) If you are looking for naturally grown meat and eggs check out our partner farm, Vogel Farms, also listed on Local Harvest.

Contact Information:

Chan Cabalo
208 922 3301, 208-631-0051

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:
-Cabalo's Orchard & Gardens -Members may shop at our Farm Stand at 2087 W. King Rd. Kuna ID 83634; Monday - Saturday 9:00-6:00 Sunday 12:00 - 6:00
-KUNA Farmers Market (Sat) -Members may shop at our stand at the Kuna Farmers Market from Mid May thru September between 9:00 - 12:00
-NAMPA Farmers Market (Sat) Members may shop at our Market Stand on Saturdays from May thru October from 9:00 - 1:00 Contact: Thomas Cabalo 208 631-6443


Vogel Farms (year round)

We are offering a monthly selection of Beef, Pork, and chicken. Check out our website to see what is included in this months subscriptions.

Contact Information:
Debi or Tori Vogel

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:
-Cabalo Orchard and Garden (Tue) Contact: Cathy and Chan Cabalo 208-922-3301 Address: 2087 West King Road Kuna , ID 83634
-Vogel Farms Contact: Address: 9501 Robinson Rd Kuna, ID 83634


The Jenkins Clan (June-October)

Spring greens and salad mixes, kale, beets, radishes, green onions, carrots, turnips, peas, early tomatoes, peppers, okra, eggplant, main crop tomatoes, potatoes, summer squash, cucumbers, cantaloupe, melons, late season tomatoes, winter squash.

Contact Information:
Elaine Jenkins

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:
1205 W. Flamingo Ave. Nampa, ID 83651 Members pick up their shares at the garden, or delivery may be available for an added weekly fee of $5.

Urban Green Harvest (May-October)

Contact Information:
Troy Amyx

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:
Urban Green Harvest Address: 3025 Dalton Boise, ID 83704

If you live outside of the Treasure Valley, why not ask a group you are in or join one to build a list of your own?! I bet you too will be surprised at the options around you. :)

This list is (copy and paste) courtesy of Ryan Carson via Boise "Real Food" Connection facebook group. They are a wonderful resource group, please take a moment to join.

Getting Organized!

We realized this last week that things kept coming up and we were saying we'll do this and that tomorrow and tomorrow turned into a week! Ahhh.. We did manage to do two videos but they didn't save correctly and are now no good (more of a reason for us to hurry and get a new camera - but that costs money and we're still paying on moving expenses and getting ready for winter).

So, with Casey's busy schedule, our desire to keep all our supports updated weekly with updates from Casey plus other related information, and plans to post awesome videos, we have decided to and actually came up with a weekly schedule.

Starting tomorrow we will be using our calender to help us stay on track!

Thanks again for all your support and understanding! :)

Monday, October 28, 2013

Having a great sense of humor = getting back up and moving forward.

Support, it's what real friends do!

The best thing about best friends is being able to make us laugh. It's always important to be able to not laugh at the other but laugh with each other and to know the difference. :)

Casey, it's OK to fall and make mistakes in your journey - it's those challenges that make you stronger and  gives each accomplishment more meaning. Always know I (and others) will be here to help you back up and to see you through it all.

The Kids and I Keeping up with Casey

Every Monday I will be posting how the kids and I are eating healthy too. Today I have some photos of foods we eat and love.

The girls enjoying their afternoon lunch, a salad! Yes, they love salads and even had seconds. At first giving our girls salads seemed a pointless challenge; however, I learned that if you offer them salads everyday and make sure they are colorful and filled with different veggie options, they soon come to appreciate and enjoy salads. It also helps if you too eat salads. We also throw in fruits. So, mix it up - fruits and veggie salads.

Now not all kids will like the same veggies and salad options, so make sure to find out what your kids will eat and start from there. Over time you can introduce other veggies and give them time to get used to them. I have also learned that changing the dressing you add makes a difference so that eating salads everyday doesn't get old.

 Antioxidant nut mix: There are dark chocolate, cranberries, almonds, & raisins. Yes, dark chocolate in moderation is very good for you a great replacement for chocolate lovers, instead of milk chocolate.

Tray: Pear, strawberries, organic blueberries, watermelon, carrots, broccoli. Fat free ranch dressing for dip.

We change up their fruit and veggie tray's with other fruits and veggies for variety! They eat like this pretty much everyday, with the exception of days we're not home much. But, now with our new vehicle - we're going to buy a car fridge to take these with us and not eat out anymore! Kids will eat healthy on the go,too. And so will us adults while we save money, instead of eating out.

Fresh, plain, cut up tomatoes! My girls enjoying a morning snack of juicy tomatoes. Here Casey did remove some of the mushy center and seeds. That really helps make tomatoes more pleasing to eat, when you aren't used to eating just tomatoes.

In the cup is a kale, fruit and veggie green smoothie. They ask for them all the time. :)