Monday, October 28, 2013

The Kids and I Keeping up with Casey

Every Monday I will be posting how the kids and I are eating healthy too. Today I have some photos of foods we eat and love.

The girls enjoying their afternoon lunch, a salad! Yes, they love salads and even had seconds. At first giving our girls salads seemed a pointless challenge; however, I learned that if you offer them salads everyday and make sure they are colorful and filled with different veggie options, they soon come to appreciate and enjoy salads. It also helps if you too eat salads. We also throw in fruits. So, mix it up - fruits and veggie salads.

Now not all kids will like the same veggies and salad options, so make sure to find out what your kids will eat and start from there. Over time you can introduce other veggies and give them time to get used to them. I have also learned that changing the dressing you add makes a difference so that eating salads everyday doesn't get old.

 Antioxidant nut mix: There are dark chocolate, cranberries, almonds, & raisins. Yes, dark chocolate in moderation is very good for you a great replacement for chocolate lovers, instead of milk chocolate.

Tray: Pear, strawberries, organic blueberries, watermelon, carrots, broccoli. Fat free ranch dressing for dip.

We change up their fruit and veggie tray's with other fruits and veggies for variety! They eat like this pretty much everyday, with the exception of days we're not home much. But, now with our new vehicle - we're going to buy a car fridge to take these with us and not eat out anymore! Kids will eat healthy on the go,too. And so will us adults while we save money, instead of eating out.

Fresh, plain, cut up tomatoes! My girls enjoying a morning snack of juicy tomatoes. Here Casey did remove some of the mushy center and seeds. That really helps make tomatoes more pleasing to eat, when you aren't used to eating just tomatoes.

In the cup is a kale, fruit and veggie green smoothie. They ask for them all the time. :)


  1. We found out the the girls loved hummus, so we started serving vegetables with hummus and they loved it. We have also found a few healthy ranch dressings w/o all the preservatives. Our favorite salad dressings are variations of oil and vinegar - sesame ginger, raspberry, and pear balsamic.

    Are you in Idaho? You posted your link to the Idaho Bloggers group. We currently are in NE Nampa, but lived in Meridian and New Plymouth.

    1. Thank you for your suggestions. I have so thought about hummus and now we're totally going to give it a try!

      I find organic dressings are a great way to find natural dressings without preservatives.

      Yes, we're in Idaho. We live in Nampa too. :) We're going to be doing some great videos on local healthy stores. Keep an eye out!

      Thank you for stopping by and for your support.